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Guaso Mill

Mini Hydraulic Energy

Guaso Mill. Aínsa, Huesca (Spain)   The Mini Hydraulic Energy is the forgotten Renewable Energy in Spain. It wasn’t developed like the others as only a few licences were granted and had less subsidies. Those entrepreneurs who started their projects some years ago, found countless technical and administrative troubles. However, its potential is there. It…

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Train of the Sabana Railways in Bogotá

Bogota Metro

Shall we see it soon? Bogota has no Metro. The City urgently needs to improve its transport infrastructures not to collapse its nearly 10 Million citizens even more being the capital of a 48 million people country. The Metro project was approved in 2016 (the agreement for the construction of the First Lines of the…

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Paneles solares en la fachada de un supermercado en Austria

Solar. Now?

Is it time to develop the solar energy as the main source of electricity generation? Many experts think it is time now. Latest solar cells have reduced significantly its production cost and increased its electric yield to a level below the average price of electricity and below the electricity cost generated by other traditional sources,…

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  • International Trading.

  • Strategic Analysis of Coal Supplies.

  • Chartering Dry Bulk Cargoes.

  • Port Logistics and Land Transportation.

  • Strategies for the Long Term Sustainable Business.