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City Agra 01


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A caw watches the traffic at the round point of the entrance to Taj Mahal complex. Later, monkeys will join you to the main entrance of the palaces.

City Agra 02


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The Taj Mahal receives upto 40000 visitors a day and 8 millons a year. Don’t miss it some day. It won’t dissapoint you.

City Agra 03


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The city of Agra is located at about  210 km Southeast of New Delhi. There, you will find some of the wonders of India and the World. The Taj Mahal, Red Fort and other palaces and monuments of interest.

City Agra 04


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The Taj Mahal is a group of magnificient buildings and gardens which amaze the visitors. It is a visit you should do when  you travel to India. You can go there by train from New Delhi. Another great experience you shouldn’t miss.

City Agra 05


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The gardens of Taj Mahal are part of an spectacular surroundings around the monument. You will also find a great view giving your back to the palace.

City Agra 06


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From any angle, Taj Mahal is majestic. Thousands of visitors come every day to know it.

City Agra 07


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When you go to Agra don’t miss to visit the so called little Taj Mahal. It is a beautiful mausoleum ItimadudDaulah from the Mongol Empire.

City Agra 08


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The Taj Mahal it is not only spectacular, what is makes even Greater is the complex of constructions and gardens around it.

City Agra 09


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View of the Taj Mahal from the opposite bank of river Yamuna, where it was foreseen the construction of a replica.

City Agra 10


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You will have a wonderful view of the river Yamuna and Taj Mahal from the Red Fort in Agra.

City Agra 11


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The Red Fort of Agra besides the river Yamuna is a big complex of amazing constructions which will surprise the visitor. Don’t miss it  when you go to vist the Taj Mahal.

City Berlin 01


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Nice cycling routes in Berlin. You can cycle along the Spree river West bound of the city. View from Kronprinzenbrücke bridge, near the Reichtag.

City Berlin 02


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Altes Museum Berlin. Esculpture in fron of the main fachade of the Altes Museum, old museum. Located at the Museusminsel, or Island’s museums.

City Berlin 03


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Museum Island of Berlin. The visit you can’t miss in Berlin. Ishtar Gates, Nefertiti’s bust Mileto’s market gate and much more.

City Berlin 04


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Side walk by the Spree river in Berlin, near the Reichtag. Government and parliament buildings next to the Spree river. You can walk or cycle crossing the town by the river.

City Berlin 05


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Neptune Fountain in Berlin. Detail of the beautiful fountain near the Alexanderplatz.