Ports and ships. The port activity with the loading and discharging operations. Port cranes, storage areas for coal and other commodities.

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Port Algeciras 01


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Ribera maritime walk in Algeciras. On the right, the fishing wharf and the North access in the front. That bridge give access to the Juan Carlos I quay.

Port Algeciras 16


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German ferry FRS srving the line Algeciras – Tánger. Vessel entering the port of Algeciras. From El Rinconcillo beach.

Port Algeciras 26


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View from El Rinconcillo Beach. Algeciras Bay, the port entrance and the cranes of the container terminals.

Port Algeciras 28


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View of the port of Algeciras from El Rinconcillo beach. Container terminals, entrance and leaving of ships.

Port Algeciras 29


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Fishing berth at the port of Algeciras. APM Container terminal next to the fishing port. Near the refrigarated wharehouses and fish market.

Port Algeciras 30


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Auxiliary ships berth at the port of Algeciras. At the back, you can see the APM container terminal. Cranes for the loading and discharging of containers.

Port Algeciras 31


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Gantry cranes at the port of Algeciras. It is one of the container ports more important in Spain. Loacated at the Strait of Gibraltar.

Port Algeciras 32


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ZPMC cranes supplied by the Chinese crane manufacturer Zhenhua Heavy Industry in Shanghai operate at Algeciras APM terminal.

Port Algeciras 33


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MV Bay Protector with flag of UK for auxiliary services, berther at the port of Algeciras. Built in 1967, has a LOA of 26,19m and a beam of 6,1m.

Port Algeciras 34


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Quay of auxiliary ships at the port of Algeciras. It includes the Customs Survey Service, Guardia Civil and a local transport company.

Port Algeciras 35


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View of the APM container terminal in Algeciras from the Paseo Marítimo. In front, you can also see the fishing cooling storage and the auxiliary ships berth.


Port Algeciras 36


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Paseo Marítimo de Ribera in Algeciras which counts with a cycling road and leisure areas, next to the Virgen del Carmen Avenue. View of the APM container terminal and North access.

Port Algeciras 37


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Gantry cranes for the handling of containers at APM terminal in Algeciras. The terminal occupies an area of 67 ha.  It has 19 port cranes, eight of which with capacity to operate with super post-panamax vessels.

Port Algeciras 38


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The port of Algeciras counts with berths with more than 18m draft for the handling of containers. Container ships with more than 18.000 teus can operate there.

Port Algeciras 39


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Container termnal at the back of the fisher’s quay in Algeciras. The port of Algeciras is part of the State ports network from the Ministry of Public Works.

Port Algeciras 40


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The port of Algeciras Bay comprises various berths and terminals. It tis located in the South Spain and counts with one of the biggest container terminal in Iberia.