Posts about the use of energy, coal, renewables and its impact in the economy and society.

Bioclimatic House

A good example of a bioclimatic house in Villa de Leyva, Colombia. Traditional architecture made in stone, wood and bahareque What is bioclimatic architecture? It is called to those buildings which use the natural advantages of their environment and surroundings to obtain comfort and energy savings. It is achieved through an optimal ventilation, natural lighting,…

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Guaso Mill

Mini Hydraulic Energy

Guaso Mill. Aínsa, Huesca (Spain)   The Mini Hydraulic Energy is the forgotten Renewable Energy in Spain. It wasn’t developed like the others as only a few licences were granted and had less subsidies. Those entrepreneurs who started their projects some years ago, found countless technical and administrative troubles. However, its potential is there. It…

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Central Térmica de Carboneras, Almería, España

Coal Fired Power Plants

Coal fired power plants are still the main source of power generation in the world. More than 38% of the electricity produced is obtained by burning coal, as informed by the International Energy Agency. The first coal fired power stations run by a steam turbine were built at the beginning of the XXth Century. Therefore,…

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Paneles solares en la fachada de un supermercado en Austria

Solar. Now?

Is it time to develop the solar energy as the main source of electricity generation? Many experts think it is time now. Latest solar cells have reduced significantly its production cost and increased its electric yield to a level below the average price of electricity and below the electricity cost generated by other traditional sources,…

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