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Energy Wind 45


5102 x 2529 px

More than 100 wind mills at Tahivilla, Cádiz. Turbines at 30 m height, blades of 30 m diameter and 300 kW power.

Port Cadiz 02


1840 x 1232 px

The Bajo de la Cabezuela berth in the port of Cádiz is an alternative for dry bulk cargoes to the ports of Cádiz, Huelva and Sevilla in South Spain.

Port Cadiz 03


1232 x 1840 px

Petroleum coke from the Citgo refinery in Lake Charles for its distribution to the brick factories in the South Spain. Vessel discharging at Bajo de La Cabezuela quay in Cádiz Bay.

Port Cadiz 04


1802 x 1058 px

The motor vessel Castillo de Atienza from Empresa Nacional Elcano, discharging petroleum coke at the Bajo de la Cabezuela berth in the port of Cádiz.