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City Istanbul 01


4488 x 2907 px

New Mosque or Yemi Cami, in turquish. It is located near the Galata bridge and the Egyptian market, also known as the spicies market. It was innaugurated in 1665 and counts with sixty six domes or semidomes in pyramidal structure.

City Istanbul 18


4807 x 2706 px

Mosque of Classic Ottoman style which counts with five main domes and eight secondary. The central dome has a height of more than 40 m.

Village Cordoba 02


5095 x 2835 px


Córdoba on the river Guadalquivir and its mosque from the X century. Considered to be the biggest ot its time in the muslim world. Córdoba was the capital of the Omeya caliphate, counted with a university and a library and it was a center of art and science.