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Industry Coke 01


4365 x 2325 px

Emptying a “beehive” oven in a plant located in Norte de Santander, Colombia. We can find there plants of traditional ancient designs like the ones were shut down alredy in Europe almost 100 years ago.

Industry Coke 03


5184 x 3456 px

Special wagon resistant to high temperatures to take and carry the coke as it is discharged from the batteries. It is later moved to cool the coke down by water.

Industry Coke 07


5184 x 3123 px

An operator discharging the oven after completing the coking process at a temperature of more than 200º C. After the oven’s door is open, a lot of gases are released impacting the worker.

Industry Coke 08


4078 x 1590 px

View of the ovens’ roof in a factory near the city of Cúcuta. Norte de Santander department counts with a great number of coke ovens which get coking coal supplies from the neighboring mines.

Industry Coke 09


3623 x 2261 px

Coking coal over the ovens’ roof to ease its drying before loading them. Flames and gasses freely released from the working ovens.