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Energy Wind 52


3322 x 2000 px

Wind is a renewable and endless energy. It is always present at the Strait of Gibraltar where there is a concentration of wind farms.

Energy Wind 55


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Wind farm at the Strait of Gibraltar. Constant strong winds at the Strait of Gibraltar make this area ideal for wind energy.

Energy Wind 57


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The first wind farms in Spain were established more than 30 years ago in the area of the Strait of Gibraltar, near Tarifa

Port Algeciras 01


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Ribera maritime walk in Algeciras. On the right, the fishing wharf and the North access in the front. That bridge give access to the Juan Carlos I quay.

Port Algeciras 31


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Gantry cranes at the port of Algeciras. It is one of the container ports more important in Spain. Loacated at the Strait of Gibraltar.

Ports Algeciras 19


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The MT Gibunker 100 anchored at Algeciras Bay. Fuel supply tanker for other vessels. This Gibraltar flag vessel of 7511 mt DWAT, was built in 2007.

Ports Algeciras 24


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View of Algeciras Bay. Vessels anchored waiting for employment. Gibraltar rock at the back with clouds.

Ports Algeciras 25


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Vessels anchored at Algeciras Bay, waiting for orders. View of the Gibraltar rock at the back, from El Rinconcillo beach.