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Port Jose 01


1806 x 1105 px

Petrozuata project was a cooperation between Maraven, a subsidiary of PDVSA and Conoco. It had the objective to process extra heavy crude oil from the Orinoco belt. Such crude oil would be upgraded using Conoco technology to produce a synthetic crude of a higher value in the market.

Port Jose 02


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The petroleum coke quality of Petrozuata has a sulphur of about 4% and a HGI of 50. It is very much appreciated by its cement customers in Europe and other destinations.

Port Jose 03


1804 x 1009 px

After part of the Med Unity, loading petroleum coke at Petrozuata terminal in Jose, Venezuela.

Port Jose 04


1623 x 1013 px

Petrozuata Terminal, José de Anzoátegui, Venezuela. Storage area next to the loading terminal connected by a conveyor belt to the loading arm. Vessels must shift along side the jetty to load the other holds.

Port Jose 05


1840 x 1180 px

The Petrozuata terminal in Jose, Venezuela loads petroleum coke and sulphur coming out from the crude oil upgrader located there. It counts with a loading Jetty of 156m and a draft of 45m. With load rates of 15.000 mt/day SHINC can accomodate vessels of upto 100.000 mt DWAT.

Port Jose 06


1840 x 1232 px

The MV Med Unity is a bulkcarrier of 40.683 mt DWAT with a LOA of 200,92m and a beam of 27,26m. It was built in 1980. Loading petroleum coke at Petrozuata terminal in Jose, Venezuela.