The energy generation. From the use of coal to renewables. The expansion of wind and solar energies around the world. Electric vehicles.

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Beach Formby 04


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Strong sustained winds at Formby beach. Excellent location for off-shore wind farms close to the coast of Liverpool.

Energy BioFuel 01


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Plant for the production of about 100.000 mt of bio diesel in Olmedo, Valladolid. Oil production from sunflower and rape seed meals. Investment of  60 M Euros in 2007.

Energy BioFuel 02


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Construction of an integrated plant for the bio diesel production in Olmedo, Valladolid. It is a project from the agriculture cooperative Acor with more than 8.000 associates.

Energy Biomass 01


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Biomass power plant burning wood waste from a doors’ factory in Toledo. They need to mill it before feeding the boiler.

Energy Biomass 02


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Olive oil plant in a village in Jaén province. Olive oil production season. Olive kernels are removed and sold as fuel for domestic heating. They have more than 4.000 kcal/kg of nett calorific value, similar to wood pellets.

Energy Biomass 03


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Supermarket chain in Austria with wood pellets and solar panel systems in their shops. State of the art shop’s design for a sustainable development environmentally respectful.

Energy Biomass 04


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Biomass is heterogeneous in composition and calorific value. It depends on the origin, time laps from its production, sizing, moisture content, storage and environmental conditions, among others. Its conditon and composition vary with the time as a consequence of the oxidising and fermentation processes due to their organic origin.

Energy Biomass 05


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Wood chips and saw dust for power generation, steam and heat distribution. This Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant in Austria reaches an energy yield higher thanl 80%.

Energy Biomass 06


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Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant in Austria. It provides domestic and industrial heating plus generating electricity. Such combined energy system achieves more than 80% of energy yield.

Energy Biomass 07


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Austria is a country leader in Europe in the energy biomass use for the industry and household. Various producers of heating systems build appliances with energy yields higher than 95%.

Energy Biomass 08


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Mobile wood chippers are very useful to work on the woods. They are necessary to prepare the biomass for energy use.

Energy Biomass 09


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Vessel berthed and ready to load a cargo of wood logs for energy use. The logs need to be chopped to be used as fuels in biomass power plants.

Energy Biomass 10


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The forwarder is a vehicle for forest works. It collects logs previously cut and debarked to haul them from the field to a transformation plant or storage site.

Energy Biomass 11


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MV “Donita” berthng at the port of Faro, in Portugal. This vessel can load about 5.000 mt of wood logs in her holds and on deck. Built in 1982, she has a LOA of  99,95 m and a beam of 15,78 m.

Energy Biomass 12


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Covered storage for olive pulp at the biomass power plant of Enemansa in Villarta de San Juan. Storing the biomass in that way, it is avoided the sun and rain exposure to reduce oxidation and fermentation processes of the product.

Energy Biomass 13


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Olive pulp is an energy biomass used in the power generation in biomass power plants. Spain is the largest olive oil producer in the world and so of that biomass.